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Originally when I first brought this out, this was a paid product.

However, in honor of one of the patient's whose struggles inspired me to look into this area, and who died before he could make his own impact in advocating for people in the Worker's Compensation system, I am making this freely available to all.

IMPORTANT: If you are not willing to take complete responsibility for what you do with this information, then you are forbidden to go any further. Please leave this page, and find what you need elsewhere. Thank you.

If you are still reading then you accept my conditions for this material, and I wish you all the best in your own journey.

Dr Martin Russell, MBBS, FRACGP

In Memoriam: Harry Magias - 1953-2009


1. Overview

2. 'Job Description'

3. Your Psychological 'Job'

4. Administrivia & Meetings

5. Getting Control

6. Moving On


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