Self-Help 'Meeting' Testimonials


" I have many interests, but self help — or personal development as I think of it — is one subject I’ve read the most about over the years.

I’ve devoured hundreds of books and audio programmes by the likes of Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and many others.

One thing you can’t help but notice if you study personal development to any level is the amount of repetition — the same concepts conveyed in a different manner.

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing — after all someone once said “repetition is the mother of all skill”.

But one side-effect of all this repetition is that truly unique concepts really stand out.

And ‘Self Help Meeting’ certainly does that. It contains some quite provocative ideas (which have practical application) that I’ve never read or heard anywhere else.

Afterwards you may find yourself thinking and acting differently — and you may also stop ‘beating yourself up’ for things you’ve either done or think you shouldn’t do.

If you have any interest in self help/ personal development then I highly recommend you give this a try.

Let me know what you think about it.


PS. I’m not being paid to recommend this — and I won’t ever use this blog to recommend anything that I have not seen, used, read or experienced first hand. 

Ed Rivis

As published on Ed's Blog on the 24th of July 2007 - used with permission of the author.


" One of the Best Investments I've Made...Even Though You Broke a Promise!

Your Self-Help Meeting gave me a new slant on some problems that so many of us grapple with. It's not a rehash of the same old info we've heard before. I found your video both helpful and interesting. Right after listening to it, I recommended it to a friend.

I especially like the part titled "Success Is Dangerous." You helped me understand something I'd just been talking about earlier in the day. Serious problems have often nailed me at weird times: immediately after I've felt like I had life under control. I now know how to help prevent those problems that can be devastating.

Thanks for putting these new insights into easy to understand language with lots of examples. I made lots of notes and will listen to it again. And I'll be watching for more products, since this one beat the heck out of a counseling session with a psychiatrist.

So what promise did you break? You didn't ramble!"

Gary Bridgemaster


" I recently purchased from you at and am blown away!

My wife and I are on out 7th play and plan to listen yet again.

We continue to discover new principals each time.

In a time when most medical professionals are happy to prescribe a "pill" and move on, your insight and skill at seeing to the root of a problem is no less than groundbreaking.

Thank you for your help."

Denver Fields


" In some sense I was "late" to the Self Help Meeting; even though that isn't possible with this home study course. I felt I never picked up any of the information in this course any time before in my own experiences.

I've read numerous self-help books in the past, but this course was different. It's been a while since I've watched such a great course! (Make sure you take notes as you watch it.)

Thank you!"

Aaron Brandon


" Martin I knew you were holding back on me.

Why the heck hadn't you put this out there sooner!

Do you have any idea how many people have needed to know this information so they can take all the effort they've been putting in over the years, without success, and make it actually ceate the results they need in their life?

Whatever you come out with next - let me see it ASAP. "

Miami Phillips - Business & Life Coach