I'm A Healer of Final Resort...One 45-Minute Online Meeting Can Change Your Circumstances Dramatically...100% Guaranteed!

If you are looking for self help, or you’d appreciate help from a qualified doctor who understands what it takes to get out of a tough situation in life, then this may be for you.

In particular I have put together a virtual ‘meeting’ that covers so much of the ground that people usually need to cover when they are really struggling to break through personal troubles or emotional crises.

Let me explain.

Over the last 8 years I’ve worked exclusively in hypnotherapy and counseling helping hundreds upon hundreds of people through all sort of situations. Even though I’ve kept to a maximum of only 5 new people a week, over the years the numbers stack up.

What I’ve found is that when people come to me really stuck with problems or issues in their life, I need to cover the same things about 90% of time. I found this to be true true...

No Matter What The Particular Problem!

I expected I would need to do something different if someone was coming to me because they were depressed, compared to if they were anxious, having a mid-life crisis, in trouble with their relationship, burnt out, stuffing up their finances, feeling overwhelmed, having trouble focusing, whatever it was.

However this wasn’t the case. Being stuck is a problem on it's own, and any solution has to address the "stuckness" first.

This led me to the idea that I could actually present something along the lines of what I was doing in my office, but make it accessible online, so that in the privacy of your own home you could get some help.

So I’ve set up a virtual ‘meeting’ that you can experience right at your computer.

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With this Self Help ‘Meeting’ you can test, for free if you like, because if you’re not happy with what you find out you absolutely won’t pay a cent for it, whether a certain level of counseling fits your needs.

No need to set up appointments at a clinic or an office, or fit them into your schedule. No need to come face-to-face with a ’shrink’ or anyone else for that matter. You can even watch this late at night when everyone else has gone to bed.

And unlike coming to my office for a session, with this virtual ‘meeting’ you’re in full control. You can pause and go back, stop it to take notes, and review it again at any time.

A Self-Help 'Meeting' 100% Guarantee.

If it is not right for you, simply contact me so I can immediately return your money to you. The payment service only allows me to offer 
a maximum period of 8 weeks for this. But if this 'meeting' turns out to not be for you then that's fine. This isn't designed to be for all people in all situations.

Call it a money-back guarantee if you like. I simply think it is common sense for my reputation and your peace of mind in purchasing.

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