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As a medical doctor running my own counseling practice since April 2000, I've had hundreds of people come to me searching for ways they could change around all kinds of issues. In fact many of them were ending up mentioning to me in passing things they'd given up all hope of changing, and yet I still had something to offer them.

Back when I first set up my counseling practice, other doctors sent patients to me when they wanted them seen by someone with a medical degree, but the patient either didn't want to, or had had no result from visiting a psychiatrist.

As a result of this I found myself meeting a broad group of people who were put off from, or unhelped by, standard medical therapies, or who didn't slot neatly into standard psychiatric categories.

As someone summed it up to me as I was struggling to describe to them specifically what I did as a counselor, I was being put in the position of being...

'A Healer Of Last Resort'

To find ways I could be useful in such situations I ended up exploring dozens of psychological methods and hundreds of different tweaks to help people with their issues, but more and more I've found myself returning to some crucial pieces that I found in between all the techniques and theories.

Often these were assumptions that went unquestioned, and yet when you haven't succeeded in making the changes you want, these are a key area to explore to discover the choices you do realistically have.

So who is this meeting for?

If you have never explored self-help stuff or you've never seen a counselor, psychiatrist, alternative practitioner or the like, then my material may be unnecessary. There are simple tips around in any library, bookstore or online search that can help most people in most situations.

But if instead you've personally checked out much of what is currently going around, and are looking for a 'healer of last resort' then this might be for you.

"Will this work for me?"

We've never met, so how can I realistically know. What I will say is I've brought the essence of my commonest first appointment to a single  45-minute 'meeting'.

In this meeting I will take you through it as if you had some notes from me in front of you and you were calling me in my rooms. In fact I met someone for the first time in my office today and I felt like I was going over exactly this same 'meeting' with her.

[Well actually since I can do all the talking in this 'meeting' I've been able to cram a bit more than one session's worth in this. And I've tried to be a little bit more formally structured - at least a bit anyway.]

I really enjoy receiving feedback from people for their reactions to this self-help 'meeting'...

" Martin's Self Help 'Meeting' blew me away. 

First of all the sales letter got me interested. I simply couldn’t figure out how he was going to pull off a “self help meeting” with a downloadable product...

An hour later, after pausing his audio a couple of times to take notes, I decided I had to share it with you.

Here is the URL:

James D. Brausch

As published on James' blog - used with permission of the author.

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But it is one single meeting. What can that really do?!

Well this is what I find myself telling people who've come to me, as I wrap up from this sort of session...

"You've had these difficulties for a long time. We've just gone through the things you've attempted to find a way to sort it out, and all the ways in which they haven't worked. With what we've discussed today I hope that I've given you a way of applying all that energy and persistence in a different direction that you can already understand is much more likely to create lasting results for you."

"So if you discover that that is all of what you needed then I've done myself out of a job. And I am more than delighted at that outcome."

"If however you need more assistance to complete this turnaround, or if you get stuck as you continue further on this new way then I can be there for you as it becomes clearer what you need me for as you go along."

This help is specifically for the self section in self-help. When it comes down to it the meeting doesn't do it for you. What you or anyone else does with this material truly is up to you.

A Self-Help 'Meeting' 100% Guarantee.

If it is not right for you, simply contact me so I can immediately return your money to you. The payment service only allows me to offer 
a maximum period of 8 weeks for this. But if this 'meeting' turns out to not be for you then that's fine. This isn't designed to be for all people in all situations.

Call it a money-back guarantee if you like. I simply think it is common sense for my reputation and your peace of mind in purchasing.

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'Meeting' Requirements: Simply a sound card in your computer and speakers for listening, and the current browser page for viewing online.

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